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blankcoverThe cover of your e-book is one of your most important marketing tools. Below are some resources for creating a cover or finding a professional to help you out. I have also included some blog posts that give helpful hints.

Read Step Three to a Good e-Book – Covers

Marketing in Underwear
Has a wizard. Requires cover image to be available from the web and you need to know the URL.

PSD Covers
Actions to create 3D covers using Photoshop – be sure to read the tutorial

E-book Template Source
Free downloadable templates in several formats. Easy tutorial for using the templates.

My E-cover Maker
Online cover creation software. Pay per cover or on a monthly plan.

Design Paragon
A list of tutorials for designing books covers using Photoshop, includes more than e-books.

Standout Blogger
Tutorial specific to e-book covers.

The Writer’s Guide to E-publishing
D. D. Scott tells how to use your e-book cover as a brand across genres.

Design Free and Effective Covers for Ebooks
Jason Matthews offer suggestion for free e-book covers

The Creative Pen
A blog post about professional yet inexpensive ebook covers.

2012 E-book Award-winning Covers

How to Make an Ebook Cover: For Non-Designers
An easy-to-read book that takes you step by step through the process.(affiliate link)

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