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Publishing has changed dramatically in the past decade. I know, you’re thinking, “Well, duh.” Self-publishing has become more respectable, and e-books have taken off beyond many people’s expectations. It seems all traditional notions about publishing are being challenged.

No writer can or should ignore the e-publishing trends. Whether your book is self-published or through traditional channels, having an e-version is now imperative. Sometimes it’s up to the author to make this happen.

Making an e-book sounds like a very technical and arduous task, something many writers avoid. If I, a less than technical person, can make and sell an e-book then any writer can. That’s what this blog is all about.

Based on my online class, Creating, Formatting, and Marketing an e-Book, we’ll go through the steps to formatting your manuscript, uploading to distribution points, and selling your e-product. My goal is to be as non-technical as possible, but sometimes it just can’t be helped. I try to ease you through the technicalities.

Come along as we make the journey from design of your manuscript to distribution to the public.

→Comments from the class “Creating, Formatting and Marketing e-Books:”

I’m so glad I took Susan’s classes, Introduction to E-Publishing and Creating, Formatting and Marketing E-books. Learning from her was like having an agent in my back pocket. She was gracious to answer my many questions and to offer creative solutions for the specific challenges of my book. Susan brought me from clueless to confident. She helped me step into today’s publishing industry.

Melody R

Thanks for the information you have shared with us. You have given me much food for thought 🙂 I’m looking forward to putting this course to good use over the next year and more.

Ruth L.

Susan K StewartAbout Susan K. Stewart

Susan’s writing career began with a neighborhood newspaper, drawn and written by hand. Her first published work was a poem in her elementary school “literary” booklet.

Since these humble beginnings, she has written for newspapers and magazines, including a regular column in The California Parent Educator and Homeschool Enrichment. Her articles have also appeared in The Teaching Home, Tehachapi News, and Sacramento Bee, and she has contributed to several projects. With her husband Bob, Susan self-published Y2K in the City. Susan also proofreads and edits for Christian Home Educators Press.

Susan teaches Introduction to e-Publishing, Creating, Formatting, and Marketing e-Books, and other classes online and at conferences. Susan is the author of Science in the Kitchen: Fearless Science At Home For All Ages, Preschool: At What Cost? and soon to be released Making E-books: Design to Distribution (working title).

Since 1985, Susan has been bringing her realistic, yet encouraging messages to conferences, retreats, and small groups.

Susan’s trademark is inspiring practical solutions.  She brings her experience and openness to each topic. Inspire your audience with Susan’s practical and encouraging presentations.


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